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About Ripe Film

Behind Ripe Film is a qurious human being called Nikola. He is moved by nature, architecture, and roadsigns.

Nikola started taking photos when he was a small kid in elementary school. Back than, he snapped photos with an old Yashica Electro 35 that his grandfather bought in Kuwait.

He kept shooting photos as he got older, but mostly with a smartphone camera. Then, in 2019 he picked up the inherited Yashica camera, and again fell in love with analog cameras.

In his camera collection you'll find Yashica, Zenit, Minolta, Praktica, and Hasselblad. Usually, he's outside with Minolta SR-T 101 and some color film.

If you're interested in prints, send a message on @ripefilm Instagram or send an email.

Me after 36 days on the trip


Nikola was lucky to have a couple of exhibitions where he could share the photos in person with the world. Here are some of those:

Analog USA art exhibition poster
Exhibition at Baza Kulturnih Zbivanja on 31st of August 2023
Analog USA art exhibition poster
Exhibition at American Corner on 21st of March 2023


I've given one interview in Serbian for Oradio you can find on their website.